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Self Indulgent


Spacemasks are new. Brand new.
We were created out of a collision of intergalactic material coming explosively together with a little human imagination. A flash of inspiration with an end product.
We wanted to find a way to escape the madness of our hectic lifestyles and leave our Worldy problems behind. Space travel seemed a reasonable possibility - new horizons, a clean start, no social media.
The cost of astronaut training and 4000 tonnes of rocket fuel made us think out of the box. So we came up with a box. A box of spacemasks in fact. 5 perfectly formed pouches each containing a heavenly Spacemask - capable of whisking you away to a carefree world unpolluted by Earthly distractions.
So there you have it. Spacemasks were born.
It is still early days after our launch but we already have 1000s of grateful space travellers.
We hope you too will enjoy the flight.


This mask is magic. I don’t know how it works, but instead of taking me up to an hour to switch into relaxation mode if I want to have a break and recharge on a busy day, within moments of putting it on, I sink into an incredibly deep sleep for 10-15 minutes. I wake up refreshed and invigorated. I have my own business, three children and sleep poorly. These masks are life-changing. I don’t know how I survived without them.


Jewellery Designer
Wow, the power of these things is immense. Aside from forcing you to stop and close your eyes for five meditative minutes in a day, they have a healing warmth and aromatherapy zing that really does transport you! They make a great little gift for a friend, and a sweet little treat to self... highly recommended to all as a five minute get away.


Interior Designer
I simply can't live without my SpaceMasks. Travelling all over the world and in and off planes. In and out of different climates and air con. These are an absolute must. I always have a box with me when travelling. Great for a Long Haul flights as well as when you check in to your hotel room

SJ Froom - International Make Up Artist

Make Up Artist
I was introduced to Spacemasks just before Christmas, and became an instant fan. I travel a lot around the world and made sure I had a box with me for our last trip which took us through the US and Canada. They are great to have on the bus after a show when there is a long drive ahead, as well as on those plane journeys when you'd like to just drift off to sleep!

Jack Doolan

Singer/Guitarist Cypher 16
I suffer terribly from dry eye and my optician always tells me to use a warm flannel which of course I never do. So Spacemasks are the perfect alternative. Super convenient and very relaxing too.


Estate Agent
I was reluctant at first. The idea of lying down and keeping still is very hard for me. The Spacemask certainly helped me take a first step in relaxation. It does what it says on the tin (packet). This seems to be the antidote to modern life.


Heating up when it comes in contact with air, this jasmine scented single use eyemask blocks out light and helps to switch off your brain as you drift into dreamland.


April 2017
I have to hide my Spacemasks. They're so brilliant that the whole family want them. Half an hour with a Spacemask and I feel like I've had four hours sleep.


Web Developer

Spacemasks in Action

Apart from relaxing your socks off, Spacemasks are fun to wear.
Send in pictures of your happily relaxed selves. We'll post the best ones.


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