Interstellar Relaxation

Spacemasks – Self-Heating Eye Mask


Self-heating eye mask for interstellar relaxation.  Allow the warmth and gentle aroma of jasmine to transport you far from the strains of travel (intergalactic or otherwise). May even take you as far as the Land of Nod. Or just enjoy Spacemasks after a long-haul kind of day.

 Many of our loyal cosmonauts tell us that Spacemasks help to provide cosmic relief from eye strain, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, tiredness and tension, promoting calm and relaxation. Out of this world well-being, if you like. And we’re sure you will.

 Bringing benefits beyond beauty, Spacemasks can also restore balance against stress and strain. Taking time with the one-to-one warmth of Spacemasks delivers therapeutic support for those struggling with medical conditions and undergoing stressful treatments.

This is self-care retail therapy for those seeking lift off and a perfect gift for those simply needing a lift.

Out of the box

Full instructions are included, of course, but just place the soft cotton mask over your eyes and the loops over your ears, lie back and wait for the heat!

Each mask is single-use, individually wrapped in its own foil spacesuit. Tear this wrapping to remove the mask and trigger the natural heat exchange.

Unfold the mask. Yes, feel the warmth start to build as the oxygen in the air sparks a special reaction with the iron particles inside the mask. Switch to sensory mode, ready for a total eclipse of the eyes.

“…you’ll need to set an alarm – both times I’ve tried this I’ve fallen asleep, which is surely testimony to its powers.”  Stella Magazine


Essence of Jasmine – low concentration for irritation-free, subtle scent

Iron Powder – reacts with oxygen for safe, soothing self-heating effect

“Containing iron powder which starts to warm up the moment you open the pouch, these one-use masks are a game changer.” Byrdie

Suitable for all skin types

Spacemasks Innovation. The Truth is Out There

Winner of The Beauty Shortlist Award for Best Facemask – Innovation, 2018

Winner of Junior Design Awards – Gold for Best Pampering Beauty Range for Parents, 2018

“Overnight products that make you look like you’ve had 8 hours sleep! Perfect to wear just before nodding off, when your baby is napping during the day or even during feeding time. Genius little ear hooks ensure they don’t lip off either.”

Nominee for The Best In Alternative Beauty, Vogue Beauty Awards, 2018

“Mood boosters are the latest beauty buzz. These self-heating masks relieve tension and strain.”


£15 for a star-scattered signature box containing 5 masks, each individually wrapped in its own cute foil spacesuit. Waiting to transport you to relaxation zone.


Across Earth: UK £3.95; Europe £6; rest of the planet £8.

Until interstellar teleportation becomes fully available, Royal Mail will be used for delivery: UK delivery is on a 48 hour service. Everywhere else is 5-7 working days.

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